1:16 am / 29.11.03

safety lies with-in my threes

one two three kisses

on my two lips

held together with one smile

makes three

two happy people

and one beautiful moment


I miss the days of twos for fours

two of us

with two of you

making 4 sandwhiches

and 2 cups of orange juice

on one blanket shared by four.

never three.

we were always in even surroundings

none of this oddity that

compresses me now

down does nothing to the raise in

my blood pressure

down did nothing for the raise in my razor

up did nothing for the kiss on my fingers

and your pill did nothing for the

toes on my feet.


four feet but two as one

four hands but two joined as one

four lips but

two can't be on.

not on the same night

never at the same moment.


not a three to be found.

you me

and kisses in threeeeeeeeeeeeeees

you me and



safe and scary


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