Love is a Two way street
9:42 pm / 21.01.04

I am a been there done that kind of girl

a postcard sent home

everynight I sleep alone

I have found my truth in a thin girl

who shines from the inside

and when she speaks

sirens can't compare to her beauty

I am spellbound.

I spoke too soon

I awoke too late

and sleeping here on shopping bag pillows

I weep.

She knows I am not beautiful

she knows I can't compete

with the magizines she sees

but will she love me forever?

perhaps it is my sadness that needles me

perhaps I am dying.

I know I am a fish and she is water to keep me alive

I know I am human and she is breezes to keep me supplied.

I'll never know how to please her

never know how to state my love without sounding facetious.

but i do love her

I do love how she smiles

I do love that she is following a dream

a butterfly teasing her away

and she'll catch it.

catch it and

send it home to me

beautiful sounds so shabby when you are compared.

never forget me love.

never forget the one you're going to leave at home.

never cease to love a failed been there done that girl

In a world of "bought the T-shirt" promises.

never pass me by

on love: the two way street.

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