under the sheet
10:36 pm / 19.03.04

darkness hides in

the skylites

and when stars shoot by

i mistake them for headlights.

i have been avoiding the

brown house

for fear i will see his body under a sheet again

noone knows i saw him.

laying under white sheet

his body stiff but loose

he spoke too soon.

hang the tarps from the trees and

basketball poll.

so noone will see

the death you force upon yourself

and others.

and i find myself thinking about him constantly.

never knew who he was,


felt him.

saw him dead.

an image burnt into my eyelids


and these days.

when I look to the sky

i am praying for

the stars to be headlights

speeding towards me

hopeing one might hit me.

dead on.

and mine could be the body

under the sheet.

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