4:30 am / Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009

It's unfair
this dare you've suckered
me into.
like that seersucker suit you always wear
on holidays.
the blue and the white
stretching tight across your chest
it's the best thing I've seen you in
all year.
Steer clear of my intentions--
did I fail to mention
I've descended to biting.
the playful type.
believe the hype
I'm the flyest!
Higher than some M.I.A song
I'll flow all night long
like the deck you erect your tape into--
I'll break you--
a beer bottle on my floor
you'll be stumbling out the door
through the snow wet city streets
I'll keep the secrets on my feets
lickin' drums like I got a baseline
you're only scared cuz i'm in my prime
I'll destroy you.
I'll employ you.
I'll reserve you--
check you out.
late fees
reminders written on my knees
the lesson of birds and the bees
we've got enough for tonight
hide and seek inspired-fright
ignite until you're
burnt out black
return of your family history of
heart attack
high blood pressure
running in your veins
it's the same ending as it was in
the start
you'll destroy my heart
if you continue this art-
It's unfair.

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