what happens to a lie
2:16 am / 23.05.04

where do my lies go?

honey sweet becomes vapor in my mouth

then i speak them.

and where do they go?

do my lies become rain clouds?

grey and looming over head.

and when the water drips from the tips

it soaks into the pavement

and back into my barefeet.

and then the lie begins again.

or do the lies float like cigaretts smoke

and cling to the walls of my room.

and if i washed the walls with bleach.

would the falshoods untangle themselves from the weaving of paint.

but if lies become a rain cloud or if they cling to my walls why do i believe them.

and If i can't keep my feet dry

or bleach them off my walls.

where does the truth begin?

where do the lies end?

and where does the truth being?

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