you forgot me, didn't you?
9:39 pm / 26.09.04

there you are
in a sleeping bag somewhere
smiling like a mad man,
with your cigarettes neatly lined up
in rows accross your desk.
with teeth so white for an addict
i miss the way you smelled of lemons and mint.
we made a joke of our hair styles and laughed when the light turned red
and then again
you forgot me, didn't you?

only two months ago,
here you were,
drinking beer from a coffee mug
smearing slobber accross my lips when you went in for the kiss
and sitting accross my chest
helping me with my breathing.
you laughed at me when i threw up in your car.
and you forgot me, didn't you?

remember how we'd pray
on our knees to God who never spoke to us?
the lies we told him, and still thought he'd say something back.

there you were
with perfect teeth and mischief in your smile.
you made me giggle and gag when i reviewed the tape of us joking around
in my bunk bed.
but, you've probally forgotten all about me now.

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