10:58 am / 07.09.03


i am hiding blocking the air

from seeping through the cracks in my door frame.

never leave here again.

i am ashamed

so i hide

caution-taping all the past away

no more answers to

all your questions.

if i speak they may hear me

i fear

no more speaking

and no more

I'll sleep alone again today

and fan facing me and

cheeks burn purple frozen

tears no longer scream

or bruise my face

no more pain

i fear.

being heard anymore.

so silent

nice to meet you

i avert my eyes

shy shy shy?

I fear you will hear me

listen to the music i know i like

smell the firmilliar scent of

smoke fused coffee gin

and dirty wet grass.

i want my old friends back today

sitting speaking of nothing important

and nothing interesting

just crunch doritos

and speak so low.

because I fear

that you might hear me.

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