1:03 am / 14.12.03

thick boney hands

cover your arms

i miss your arms.

thin golden yellow skin

coveres your body

i miss your mind.

silent chilled nights

ice on your windshield

we drove listening to the sound

of your anti lock brakes

remember a year ago

remember me a year ago

i miss your boney fingers

on your black steeringwheel

miss the sound of

deepness coming from you as you breathe

exhaling something

coughing and we both

stutter on the silence.

Your hands opening car doors

and throwing things away

and moving pillows out from

under you.

they dial numbers

and they cut my heart.

slicing through me

warm and sticky with blood.

your hands they harm my arms.

leaving prints of a dead

frienship all over my body.

heavy never felt so bad

when you traced out a message

in the snow

angels on highwires tonight

and Im standing out in the cold.

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