4:41 pm / Tuesday, Feb. 05, 2008

The flooding puddles of your eyes
reflect nothing but the skies and
trees with leaves as dead as skin
on elbows in winter.

Your two-toned heart won't separate
the simple verbs to conjugate from be
to am to are to is--
the peeling of our action.

You are flooded--
You are cracked
I am threatened--
when she attacks.
I'll wait for sunlight, blue skies, and stars
I can wait for spring!

Grey skies do nothing for your eyes.
soggy grass and slippery walks
like soggy emotions in your slippery thoughts.
You're winter now.
I'm spring.
You're dead--I'm thriving.
your plea for surviving, what hope!
What loss! What cost!

God shouldn't have trusted you with that smile.
Your rat-like grim untrustworthy guile.
That duplicitous manner in which you speak
Oh how you out shine your sex!

Your failed promises,
attempts to leave me.
to please me.
Oh! How you leave me pleased!

Your tokens broken, torn and stored
In wires above my bed
Slip visions of you in my dreams. tomorrow
Iíll keep on keeping on.

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