let us
11:17 pm / 16.10.03

let us live perfect lives

we'll explore our emotions

until we can't cover any more of our bodies

in bruises of the pains we've endured.

You can teach us all to cry

how to sit emotionless

as white plubby tears

thump clumsily down

our pale pink cheeks

we will cry together

because we have the bruises

to justify our pain


let us live privatly

storing our most secret feelings


til muscles tense and we achieve the

pain that causes heart attacks

wind ourselves so tight

we can't help but come undone

one bruise at a time

let's be amazing

let's cause yearning in the men in our lives

we can be amazing.

just borrow someone's beauty for a night

I could be amazing.

give me the chance.

i could be mysterious.

so let us begin to be silent.

strangers to even our friends

a mystery and a beautiful entity

hidden under eyeliner and lip liner and

panty liners.

women of the world

let us live perfect lives.

bruised and battered women

crying justifiable tears.

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