light in dark
12:05 am / 27.07.06

barefooted goddess
tred lightly on these grounds
beware the keeper of the gates
where does he keep his keys?
under his layers, under his skin
under his pain-- too thick to scrape away

fingers through bars:touch the air beyond the wall
press your lips to cracks:breathe its sour smelling air
dye your white dress blue
dye your blonde hair black
die yourself to be better--darker, fuller.

barefooted and callused
stones in heaven won't rip skin
pebbles soft as sand
white and green and purple
reflected in the sky
overcast in the distance

reach the place behind the gate
reach out feel the rain--
rush against your hair and skin
push your fear aside again

where does he keep his keys?
under your eyes
under your skin
thin--thin cut and scrape
fingernail scratches, peelings
layer after layer
skin fairer, paler
he keeps them under your skin
find the might to escape
from the light you escape

your light is only light in dark

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