9:57 pm / 04.04.05

with every single prayer i speak
and all the secrets i choose to keep
with all the lies i said today
i'm dry
I havent a tear to fall from eyes
that haven't look lately to the skies
and prayed for forgiveness now
i think it's that i'm dry

With every single time you flinch
i'm moving away inch by inch
i'm digging shovels down so deep
so deep to hide my grave
the earth is cold and hard with clay
and this is where my bones shall lay
a six foot hole to hide my shame
that i have led a'stray.

Oh where for art thou love of mine
to take my pulse and take the time
to feel my breath fade slow and still
to keep me strong and build my will
and where are friends with words at loss
who nail hands harshly to this cross
and when i wilt they fill the hole
and cover dirt with moss

it's such a shame that lovers cheat
drunkerds drink and beaters beat
it kills all hope to find that we
can't save them from the heat
But where for art thou love of mine
whose palms bleed from thought of time
when ribs hung heavy and solid still
who after was gone left us his will
to teach forgiveness
and teach it well
so we sinners shant end up in hell.

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