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our hands on her body
I tickle and scratch ever so lightly-
you spank thighs so firmly, deliberately.
a pointed punishment for her
contradictory behavior.

You say it isn't because of her choices
but you slap harder when annoyed.
and you initiate with more audacity.

But I think she considers your
reactions when choosing who to chase.

claim to lose respect,
but desperate for your care
She will always return.

I am not even third choice to you,
which I agree to-
but often feel a fool- and lease myself hope
to lure others who don't make me feel
anywhere near the magic you do

encouraged to move forward not back
you offer so much more than any other sad sap.

But to protect myself- I simp for the familiar.
reconnect to the not too familiar.
start to crave the not too not familiar.

Can people change?
Do grown men grow?
Am I convincingly alone?

4:26 pm - Monday, Aug. 29, 2022


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