12:35 am / 15.11.03

emptiness in the pit of my stomache

it hurts so good.

and dancing sweaty boys

rub their words all over me

I like it


Love it.

love the thought of safety in

pounds slipping away

until only my

feelings and securities remain

you know I like it when they look at me

from under their eyes

staring dirty thinking

they like thin.

they liked it then they like me now

so press youe fingers into my side

way down so

i cant feel the pain anymore.

let me know you like my bones.

just feel me as i'll be someday

taste my lips in a plee to

make me promise you

I wont be so shameful

I'll be more demanding of my body.

slips cause falls

and I'm not ready to fall for you again

not until

more pounds fall down the drain

and more of this

old me

floats away

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