12:38 am / 26.11.03


lights blurred streeking in the


of a place where

i can be found crying

with my face in the wind

of quickly passing cars.


i miss you

so much i cant explain

how at night

i lay and look out my window hoping to see your

long beautiful face and curvy eyes

sketched lazily into the night clouds.

and maybe smoking a

thin long cigarette

the kind you smoked when

just you and i met

silently writing

poetry into the palms of

our hands and

mine sweaty missing you now

i cant fit anymore words here for you

I've filled the sky with

words and scripture.

sighing in and out for

all the cars passing to see

all my words chain linked to the tops of

your trees. and

when we set them on fire

they burn with a

rosemary scent


climbing up toward heaven

where one day we'll

sit with persephone.

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