when she dies
5:35 pm / 25.11.03

would she lay on her back to die

or fall forward

kissing the earth one last time

before breathe released and

death slips into her

sweet half crooked smile.

hiden in reaper black hood

waiting for an opportune moment

i wonder what it would be like to know

the fates of my friends

and enemy.

would she scream

or just fall

trembling on the ground

hoping only to catch his eye

life isnt about living it's about

living so people can watch and


How nice

she's so nice

so hardworking and driven

and so nice.

have your parents ever compared you to her?

asked why you weren't as beautiful

or amicable or persistant?

why you arent respected.

why you arent her.

perfectly tonel

colors so vibrant on a canvas

would she lay on her back when she dies?


face to the ground

kissing the mud?

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