this poem isnt about you
8:34 pm / 28.03.04

this poem isnt about you.

its for sunshine in the darkest streets

where silently she sleeps

and she'll wake on a wednesday

to find he has left her behind

with a pain in her stomach

and a scar on her arm


she'll know

it wasnt love she took

it was darkness and hate

this poem isnt about you

it's about the sunshine

turning black

and she thinks it for the better

and can only believe she matters

because the boys have all gone home

and she's always left alone

with noone to cry to

and no feelings to rely on.

but she'll stare at her scars

and feel sorry for herself


they only ever leave me

when will they believe me

that I'm beautiful

I really am.

but she's lieing to the sunshine

and the darkness looks like light to her

but i can see and so can't she?

the end will end up

so much darker than the night.

this poem isnt about you

its about how

laying with yourself

isnt fun anymore

he will always step through the door

but the future wont be where you are.

you're the one he'll take

and leave in an ally.

behind the goddamn bar.

and dont flatter yourself.

this poem isnt about you.

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