2:35 am / Thursday, Jan. 08, 2009

My mind has been spinning
There’s a wheel around the moon—
And my footsteps sound heavy in the snow
You exist!
What a gracing thought for a winter dusted with:
insufficient funds, missed connections.
It’s my susceptibility to your core,
The magma of you,
Of you.
Who do I think I am--
To have caught the deadliest catch?
What of it? When separation cuts like
Stalks of corn dried in the field-- after season.
It’s slow torture!
The vibration of ventricles,
The nonchalant numbing desire
I don’t want to cease.
Without my fingers in the creases of your knees—
My toes at the tips of your feet—
The sweet subtle taste of your camel light kiss
You exist!
You exist!

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