cry for the moment
10:18 pm / 03.02.04


and when people all despise me

all their kind words dont surprize me

i know i dont matter enough to make you feel

bastards like you think you're the only one who's real.

well i know whats real

i have words and thoughts to conseal

and we'll see who slits his wrists and who cries on his grave

we'll see who goes after moments

and who cries and stays

and I won't care as the moments pass me by

because when you've got joy, you can do more than cry.

do more than pout do more than die

I'll be the one who stays to cry

and I'll cry for the moment they'll forget who you were

when your face and voice and persona all begin to blur

and with worms crawling in and worms crawling out

I'll lay living on your stone and watch as flowers begin to sprout

and me six feet up and you six feet down

I will sing you a song of who survived in this small deluted town.

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