tell me in july
12:59 am / 01.05.04

break my skin

to make the smell of winter go away.

i am dusty.

and my smile is rusty.

I am not the girl you remember kissing.

she had faith and self-respect

remember her?

she weighed 30 lbs lighter.

a thin little thing.

who still weighed a ton

do you miss her.

what made you want to kiss her

color in her hair

color in her eye

or smile

or was it

just desperation.

wait.. wait.. dont tell me

I'm not ready for a broken heart

wait until july

and then

re-dig the grave i lied in.

you can say it then

and i wont object with

the memories i had of you.

because I burnt them.

along with your kisses.

i burnt them.

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