lauren baker
1:33 am / 12.07.04

silence makes me realize

you are more than my companion.

noone knows me well enough to love me like you love me.

thankyou for not giving a fuck

about my problems and my victories.

and i mean that in this way.

you keep me real.

with out you i am a fog of lies and fears

and when you are here i am allowed to be anything.

you are amazing.

i dont tell you i love you enough.

and i let you down too much

i don't believe this is the first thing i've written for you.

but you wont make me apologize

or fight my urges to cry

and i know its like you say

pen to person

paper to pen

isnt make me stronger

but then again i am not looking to be

and neither are you

we can both shut up

and enjoy the ride

and cry when jeff cries

and forgive the times we make

uncomfortable silences.

thankyou for being more of a friend to me than all others combined

thankyou for teaching me to forget my pride and pain

thank you for not giving up on me

and calling back

and leaving messages

for drinking smoothies

for forgiving me for giving my sister the extra seat

for inviting me along

for seeing mean girls with me twice

for the only call on my birthday last year

for the valentine bear you sent me two years ago.

for bonfires

and target trips

orange icees, iced cappichinos, darren and macey, toren and kimb.

for snickers

and the denial game

for everything for the past 3 years.

thank you lauren.

thank you.

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