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If a moment is all you can give me
let it be this one
A kiss on the cheek
feels like a missed one
but with you beside her
oh she's so pretty--
justifies my feeling shitty
because she's your everything
and I'm just a moment in time-

She's so cruel but you miss her
every opportunity to kiss her
while i sit back and smile through my tears
got you wrapped around her finger
so why do I linger for the possibility of a moment that's ours?

you tell me you love me-
but want nothing from me
unless you're drunk and I'm looking sublime-
because she's got others- twisting her covers
and you're wanting head one more time

so if I'll do for tonight?
could you compromise and hold me too tight?
tell me you've waited, you've anticipated
this moment
this moment

5:20 pm - Friday, Oct. 13, 2023


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